Uber taxi will start shutting down low rated passengers

Uber taxi will block passengers whose rating will fall well below the city average. About this with reference to the statement of the company write The Verge and Tech–°runch.

New rules will affect users in Canada and the US. Passengers won’t be informed about rating they should have to avoid blocking, but the company says that before the ban comes the passenger will receive several notifications with tips on how to fix a low rating, for example, “don’t be rude to the driver”, “don’t leave trash in car ” and “do not ask the taxi driver to exceed the speed limit” (in 2017, in the Uber application, a function was implemented that allows drivers to specify why they were unhappy with the ride – based on this information, Uber will form recommendations).

Uber “weeds out” drivers with a low rating since 2015: according to available information, drivers with a rating lower than 4.6 are at risk of blocking. As for the passengers, the rating previously given to them by drivers did not affect anything.