Skype down?

There were problems all over the globe with social networks and some sites on the night of May 21.

Instagram has crashed since the beginning of the day. Users around at about two o’clock in the night complained that they could not place their signatures under published materials, did not work the hashtags. In some countries it was not possible to log in when changing the password. Signals, mostly, came from Arab countries. But in the morning everything stabilized, according to the portal Downdetector. Similar problems were in the inhabitants of the American continent – from Chile to Canada. They started, the portal says after 12 hours of waist time in Wikipedia. It was impossible to go to the site. Failures lasted about two hours. In Facebook, unpleasant moments were softened and more localized. Some users did not have the function of deleting information, blocked the status of activity and blocked accounts. In addition, accounts were blocked on behalf of users.

The most significant was the failure of Skype, which began in the evening – after 20 hours. Users could not log in and send a message. Mostly, the collapse occurred in Britain, Germany, Italy, the USA, Japan, Russia and other countries. Facebook and Instagram users in the US, EU, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and other countries faced the problem. Due to the global failure in both social networks, it became inaccessible to post posts, comments, and also to exchange messages. Periodically, access to functions is restored, but remains unstable.