MSI MPG SEKIRA 500 – almost ideal gaming computer case

MSI is the world’s leading manufacturer of gaming equipment, and its first gaming case MPG GUNGNIR 100 has been enthusiastically received by users.

New MPG SEKIRA 500 series are innovative cases with an original personalized design, embodying the long-term experience of MSI specialists in the development of genuine gaming products.

The name of the series MSI MPG SEKIRA 500 comes from the legendary ax, which was owned by Perun, the god of thunder in Slavic mythology. The clear lines of the case are as if carved with precise and powerful blows of the legendary ax.

The MPG SEKIRA 500X is equipped with tempered glass side panels that open without the use of tools. This ensures both the safety of internal components and convenient access to them. Inside the case there is a removable mounting plate for installing a radiator water cooling system – also without tools. In addition to the highlighted pre-installed fans, the MPG SEKIRA 500X package comes with an RGB hub for eight additional devices with addressable backlighting, which opens up unlimited possibilities for personalizing the look of your computer.

The MPG SEKIRA 500G is a sample of extravagant simplicity, accented with rose gold facets. It also has a removable mounting plate for the radiator of the water cooling system, where up to three fans can be mounted. Thanks to the well-thought-out cooling, the computer assembled in the MPG SEKIRA 500G package will perfectly cope with many hours of gaming sessions.

The MPG SEKIRA 500P model is also endowed with two durable tempered glass panels that allow you to admire the internal components of the system and give them easy access to upgrade.

The side panels of the case are made of durable tempered glass with a thickness of 4 mm, which opens the view to the internal components of the system.

The removable mounting plate serves to install the radiator of the water cooling system without the use of tools.

The package includes a hub for devices with addressable full-color backlight. By connecting LED strips to it, you can decorate the computer to your liking. A compatible motherboard and the Mystic Light application make it easy to control the visual effects of the backlight — all you need to do is to press a special button and hold it down for three seconds.

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