Virtual CIO

Plan for the future

Technology is constantly changing, and it can be tough to stay ahead of the curve without a dedicated Chief Information Officer providing full-time strategic analysis and management for your IT. That’s where our CIO Services come in: we’ll help you plan and budget for the future, select technology solutions that fit your goals, and provide expert guidance about what’s new and how you can leverage it.

Our professional services team will become experts on your organization and how you can best leverage technology to achieve your goals. Whether you want to learn about new solutions that can solve business problems, upgrade existing systems to meet new challenges, or simply plan ahead and know where your technology is going, we’re here to help.

Virtual CIO Services

A virtual CIO performs many of the same duties that an in-house IT executive would, all while making sure that your strategic IT objectives align with your organization’s objectives

  • Planning and developing your IT infrastructure roadmap, assistance with IT strategies, and IT budgeting
  • Assistance with the maintenance and development of a strategic IT plan
  • Examination and IT audit consultation, including how to respond to IT-related questions
  • Disaster recovery planning

Our comprehensive managed services and virtual chief information officer services set your business up for success.

How Much Would Hiring A CIO Cost?

Put your budget to work by using STS Canada’s VCIO services to help plan for your future.

Set Your Business Up for Success With IT Consulting/VCIO Services From STS Canada

At STS Canada, we care about your long-term business objectives, that’s why we customize our consulting services to fit the needs of each client. A dedicated vCIO will cater to your business needs, help you with strategic IT planning, and more. For quality IT consulting and vCIO services, contact STS Canada.

We do CIO services right


Know exactly how your technology will support your organization’s mission over the next several years. Develop a three to five year plan that will keep you focused on where your technology is going and why.


Develop a budget to go with your three to five year plan. Know what your IT systems will cost and plan for the expenditures, so you’re never surprised by how much you’re spending on your technology.


With technology evolving every day and older systems regularly becoming obsolete, stay ahead of the curve with regular updates about what’s changing and how you need to respond.


With so many powerful tools out there, it can be hard to pin down the right ones for your organization. Get expert advice about how to leverage the right technology to achieve your long-term goals.