Asset Management Maturity Program (RAMP)

Asset Management Maturity Program (RAMP) is a transformation program to improve the performance and reduce the operational costs of your productive assets, through the integration of asset management best practices.

RAMP integrates specialized knowledge with technology and methodologies proven in the field to identify and tackle problems; productivity, availability and cost optimization opportunities; and ways to maximize the return on investment.

RAMP is aligned with the requirements of the Asset Management International Standard ISO 55001:2014 and is illustrated below.

RAMP is supported by the Asset Management Maturity Growth Model (shown below), which includes concepts and processes plus management and organizational systems which are fully tailored for each site to satisfy specific goals and requirements.

RAMP addresses poor asset performance, high operational costs and poor risk management by integrating techniques, methodologies and best practice in the areas of:

RAMP improvement opportunities

RAMP can help improve your assets in many of the most common scenarios. The diagram below shows just some of the scenarios, RAMP solutions and opportunities for improvement. Which scenario best describes your asset’s current situation?

RAMP solutions are designed to provide reductions in your production unit cost in a sustainable way leading to increased profits and assets’ return on investment. The diagram below shows how this can occur over time.

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