Cloud Managed Services

Extending the Limits of Your IT Infrastructure with Cloud Managed Services

Almost every enterprise today considers implementing cloud services for IT infrastructure for the following common reasons:

  • ntroduce scalability and flexibility into existing services, avoiding capital investments;
  • Minimize work effort on infrastructure support;
  • Ensure business continuity and flawless disaster recovery;
  • Increase stability and security of operations in the cloud.

Stactt offers integration with a full scope of cloud services to introduce cloud-based solutions into your IT infrastructure management and to ensure reliable, smooth and cost-efficient infrastructure implementation, migration, and maintenance.

Cloud Migration Planning and Design

  • Analyze business demand and existing infrastructure;
  • Define proper cloud migration strategy;
  • Provide cost and risk assessment;
  • Deliver new infrastructure layout design;
  • Create project plan and timeline.

Cloud Solution Implementation

  • Private cloud: Microsoft Azure Stack, VMware vCloud Air;
  • Public cloud: Microsoft Azure and Office 365, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Suite & Cloud Platform;
  • Hybrid cloud: Microsoft Office 365, Azure IaaS & PaaS, AWS hybrid cloud.

Post-Migration Cloud Support

  • Verify backup strategy, disaster recovery, and failover;
  • Measure KPIs, performance, and efficiency;
  • Execute handover to operation and provide day-to-day 24/7 support.

Migrate to the cloud with ease. Get counsel from our seasoned cloud experts.