Leadership team

George Kuznetsov
Founder & CEO, IT Support & Cybersecurity Practice

As Founder and CEO of Stactt Technical Solutions, George firmly believes that technology can empower people to transform their worlds. To this end, he places sound engineering at the core of the business model, coupled by exceptional customer support and managed services.
Under George’s guidance, Stactt has differentiated itself by proactively addressing a rapidly evolving market across enterprise, SMB, government and education sectors, while anticipating the needs of its customers-oftentimes even before they do.
George earned his BA in Radio Engineering from National Technical University in Ukraine.

Greg Malfara

As a vCIO, Greg takes the role of the Chief Information Officer for our clients, helping them develop and execute long-term technology strategies.

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Greg is uniquely positioned to help our clients get the most of out technology. He will help you plan for the future: know how your organization will leverage technology in the next years. He drives our CIO Services include technology planning, long-term budgeting, and strategic consulting.

Illia Litviak
vCTO, Software Development & Business Analytics

Illia is a veteran IT development with over 15 years of experience leading, consulting and developing innovative solutions for complex and challenging environments.
After receiving his Masters in Computer Science, Illia began working as a network engineer and an application developer. Merging his technical expertise with a vested interest in business and management processes, Illia began implementing gaming, dating and analytical solutions for business management firms.
Under Illia’s guidance, Stactt provides managed IT services like on-site and remote applications development.