Google Photos will stop syncing with Google Drive

Google Inc. has announced that since July, the Google Photo service will stop syncing with the Google Drive cloud storage. According to the Internet giant, this is done to “simplify the user experience.”

Of course, this decision is rather controversial, for many people the ability to synchronize is important for the reason that it allows you to organize their photos.

According to Google, the denial of synchronization will help to prevent accidental deletion of content from all repositories.

In other words, the corporation refers to cases where some users are faced with the problem of simultaneous removal of photos from Google Photos and Google Drive. Now it works that way – when you delete a file from Google Photos, it will be immediately removed from Google Drive, it works in reverse order.

Google also announced a new “Download from Drive” feature that will allow users to select photos and videos and upload them to Google Photos. After that, deleting one file in any of the repositories will not affect its copy in another repository.

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