Google activates Gmail’s confidential mode for G Suite

Effective June 25, G Suite users will be able to use confidential mode when sending emails in the Gmail service. If you use the G Suite at work, you can write and send confidential emails.

Confidential mode is quite a powerful tool that will be extremely useful if you need to send an email containing confidential information. Among the features of this mode is the installation of the life of the letter. In other words, upon reaching a specific target date, access to your letter will be automatically blocked. Thus, after the expiration of the letter, the recipient will not be able to copy its text, forward it to others, or download its content to his device.

To add an additional layer of protection, you can set the unlocking of the sent letter using the code that comes in the SMS message to the recipient.


Now, Google has decided to turn on confidential mode for G Suite users by default. You can activate confidential mode by clicking on the lock icon with the clock located to the right of the “Send” button.

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