Firefox ran Enhanced Tracking Protection

As part of the latest browser update, Firefox has launched a new privacy protection feature, Enhanced Tracking Protection. It allows you to block more than a thousand third-party trackers collected using the Disconnect tracking prevention tool.

For new users who download Firefox for the first time, the protection against trackers is activated by default. Current Firefox users can activate it manually. To do this, click on the menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select the item “Lock content”. Here you can leave the default privacy settings with blocking only in private windows, strict settings when all third-party trackers and cookies are blocked, or you can make personal privacy settings yourself. In the “Private” section, tick the “Cookies” box and select “Third-Party Trackers”. Here, if you wish, you can block crypto miners and digital fingerprint collectors.


In addition, Mozilla has updated the Facebook Container extension, which blocks the tracking of Like and Share marks on third-party sites with integrated social platform extensions. A desktop version of the Lockbox password manager also released, which is now known as Lockwise.

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