Facebook crypto currency

The long-awaited crypto currency, which Facebook is developing, is almost ready to launch. According to informed sources, its presentation may take place at the end of June.

Facebook has big plans for its cryptocurrency, and various tools will be used to promote it. The social network plans to offer bonuses for sellers accepting its digital money. In addition, project staff may even receive payment in cryptocurrency.

Earlier it was also reported that Facebook plans to reward users with some portions of cryptomonet when they view ads or make purchases on its platform. Most likely, this will be done in order to popularize the cryptocurrency and encourage users to start working more actively with it. Thus, Facebook’s new cryptocurrency will quickly pick up a large number of users, given that the social network has more than 2 billion monthly active users.

Supposedly, the Facebook blockchain will be “much more centralized” than Bitcoin with approximately 100 nodes in its payment network. The company intends to attract third-party firms to help launch the system. At the same time, Facebook will charge them licensing fees ($ 10 million from each partner) and pour them into the support of cryptocurrency with traditional money to keep it stable. Therefore, the currency exchange rate should be relatively stable.

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