Comodo revokes certificates

Comodo revokes certificates used to sign malicious code.

Sectigo representatives (former Comodo certification authority) claim that the company has withdrawn more than 100 digital certificates used by attackers to sign malicious code. The reason for this was the recent report of the company Chronicle.

Employees of Sectigo commented on the Chronicle report, stating that only 127 of the certificates, indicated by the researchers, were valid at the time of the study. It were the certificates which their certification center revoked. According to Sectigo experts, more than 90% of the certificates issued by Comodo / Sectigo and mentioned in the Chronicle report were either overdue, or revoked earlier, or were simply duplicates.

Chronicle experts said that the certification center Comodo CA (currently known as Sectigo) issued the largest number of certificates that were used to sign malware. Researchers analyzed samples for a whole year on VirusTotal. The data collected by Chronicle indicates that 1,775 out of 3,815 certificates issued by Comodo were used to sign malware.

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