Apple’s third-party companies have access to dialogues with Siri

Apple are accused of transferring voice recordings of communication with Siri assistant to third-party research companies. This was reported by The Guardian, citing an anonymous informant.

According to the source, requests to Siri are transmitted for further analysis. There is nothing mentioned about this in Apple’s privacy policy.

Despite the fact that such records are not tied to a specific Apple ID, they may reveal the speaker’s identity – the records may contain the following information: geolocation, application data, contact details. Not to mention the fact that a person can identify himself in the audio recording itself.

Like Google and Amazon, Apple assures that such data collection and analysis is necessary to improve services. Also, the techno giant stresses that all information is analyzed in protected conditions by employees who are bound by appropriate obligations.

The worse is that all these companies have a habit of keeping silent about such practices until some cunning user or researcher trumpets this information through the media.

Apple told The Guardian that less than 1% of all Siri call records are sent to analysts. But it is still a lot, considering the total number of voice commands to the assistant.

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