6 reasons to use video conferencing

The quality of video conferencing is continuously being improved and becoming relevant for Canadian companies that are striving to be active players in both the domestic and international markets. We have selected six arguments in favor of using modern devices for communication at a distance.

1. The number of negotiations

The development of Internet technologies has greatly enhanced the globalization processes. Under transboundary conditions, it became possible to conduct effective business in several countries at once and to establish many contacts without hindrance.


2. The quality of communication

Visual information is memorized and reproduced by a person faster. Video conferencing is a handy tool to quickly arrange a brainstorming session with a vivid demonstration of ideas, collectively create a concept board, coordinate schedules and deadlines with colleagues, hold a short spontaneous five-minute show, and a prepared extended presentation. In addition, video communication allows you to avoid misunderstanding or distortion of information, conveying elements of non-verbal communication.

3. Save time

Telephone conversation or correspondence in real time is not able to bring together all the channels of information perception by man. Communication barriers can significantly increase the time required for negotiations.

4. Savings

Digital technologies are becoming more affordable, and every day they improve the quality of sound and image. At the same time, the fuel in the price only increases. Savings on travel can be insignificant, for example, the cost of gasoline within one city, and enormous, if we are talking about long-distance flights and booking hotels for foreign partners.

5. Ease to use

Telecommunications devices are not only decreasing in price, but are also becoming easier to handle. It takes literally a couple of minutes to bring the equipment “into full combat readiness” and the help of a specialist is not required.

6. Increase prestige

Using the “last word of technology” characterizes you as a progressive and ambitious company programmed for success.

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