292″ and 8K: new The Wall Luxury modular Samsung TV

Samsung has announced the release of a new version of its massive modular TV The Wall based on the technology MicroLED. The new version called The Wall Luxury received a diagonal of 292 inches (almost 7.5 meters) and supports 8K resolution. Alternatively, a configuration with support for 2K resolution is proposed, but the screen diagonal is  limited to 73 inches.

The new version of The Wall Luxury provides a higher image resolution compared to previous prototypes of TVs based on MicroLED technology, but at the same time it takes up much more space. At CES, MicroLED was shown on a 4K resolution screen with a screen diagonal of 75 inches.

Samsung MicroLED technology is modular, it can be flexibly configured for different sizes and resolutions. These modules are connected together. In this case, you can increase the resolution of the entire TV, but you cannot increase the resolution of its individual modules. The user can only add more pixels using more modules.

MicroLED is an impressive new display technology that uses separate LEDs to create an image. Due to this, the black areas of the image are completely black, because their pixels do not emit light at all. This is a self-radiation technology similar to OLED, but it should not suffer from its disadvantages, such as lower peak brightness and burnout. Samsung claims that The Wall Luxury TV is designed for 100 thousand hours of work, and the maximum brightness is 2000 nits.

Samsung has not yet specified the cost of The Wall Luxury TV, but it is known that it will go on sale next month.

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